BackTraditional Iban Tattoos.
Manang's (Iban for Medicine-Man) son making tattoo instruments.
Tribal elder, Entalai, oversees the process of making tattoo instruments.
Preparation of tattoo needles by the chief Bau's brother.
Chief Bau's brother tattooing himself.
Manang preparing the tattoo ink.
Manang scraping the soot from an oil lamp.
The soot is mixed with sugar and water to create the tattoo ink.
Manang's son tattooing a 'Headhunter Motif' on Marc's right hand.
Close-up of the 'Headhunter Motif'.
Tattoo ritual in progress with the presence and supervision of Entalai.
Final stages of the tattoo. Followed by a blessing from chief Bau. (Motif design given by chief Bau's eldest son, the future chief).
An elder tattooed woman (Orang Ulu).
The right hand of the orang ulu (front profile).
The left hand of the orang ulu (back profile).