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28 Apr 2013
7:23:43 PM
Hi guys!

Just wondering if you use a vegan ink? And if so or if you're not sure, what brands do you use? I'm really keen to have a cruelty free ink for my first tattoo because it aligns with my values.

If you could let me know that would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

30 Jan 2013
3:59:55 AM
Dylan/Primitive, you've just guaranteed a customer for life, fantastic work, awesome upfront service, advice and damn, what a cool place to get inked in, first thanks of many.
19 Mar 2012
9:12:17 AM
It was my first tattoo.... and definitely not the last ;) big thanks to Liam for doing a wonderful job! Very professional and friendly staff.
I would surely recommend u guys to everyone!!
11 Oct 2011
5:19:10 AM
Much appreciated.
Dylan the OG was was a great artist to work with. Very professional joint, great tattoo expreience.
Definitly recommend it to anyone!

Keep it real
21 Feb 2011
11:05:39 AM
Hey guys, im hearing great things about your store, and i will be defiantly coming to you guys for my first tattoo, i have it drawn and ready too go, just waiting on a job so i can get the cash, cheers :D
22 Dec 2010
10:15:13 AM
Cherz Scott for the tatt bro my son is real happy that i got it because his brother's name is already on my upper left arm,which is why i need to know if you can fix it up.CHUR
14 Dec 2010
7:45:19 PM
Hello guys!!!! Hope all of u doing fine; u're guys are just dope man! And KIDDY aoki!! Tanx Lot man! That piece was fucking niceeee...can't wait for more killer tats from u bro!!!! Alright! Gtg, U guys hv fun and tk cre! CHeeRS!!
08 Nov 2010
9:11:32 PM
Testing again... let me know if you get this!
13 Aug 2010
3:02:37 PM
Just wanted to say a big thanks to Tom for the awesome tattoo of a dragon he free styled on to my bottom forearm yesterday. I came into the shop with a design of a dragon I wanted, and he ended up free styling his own awesome design out of his head.
Highly recommend you do your work with him, if you want an awesome one of a kind tattoo.
Thanks Tom and Primitive Tattoo. looking forward to get my next tattoo done with you guys.
14 Sep 2009
3:04:27 PM
Hey Marc, thanks for the fantastic work on sat, so stoked for my 3rd session my Koi back piece is complete YAY!!
My husband is in today to start his full sleeve, he is looking forward to it from seeing the fantastic work you did on my back.
Thanks again and cant wait to get more and i have recommended you to all my friends, they all say what wicked professional work you have done by seeing your website and looking at my tatt

11 Aug 2009
4:55:50 PM
Hey, got my tragus pierced today at Primitive. I'm chuffed. Thanks Matt!
05 Jul 2009
7:43:17 AM
Hi Everyone,
I just wanted to say thanks for such a great experience yesterday. I had my tragus pierced by Matt and he did a great job. He was calm and talked to me the whole time so I didn't feel nervous. Everything was clean and hygienic and my ear doesn't hurt at all today.

Thanks Matt! I might be back to get another piercing soon.

01 Jul 2009
1:26:53 AM
Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for my new piercing on 27 June 2009 (the last customer on that day), my boyfriend loves it and so do i. I was so nervous about getting it done. But u done it professionally. I really love it. I'll hopefully be back soon.

See ya..
05 Mar 2009
8:57:28 PM
Just thought I'd say hi from cyberspace. HI
21 Feb 2009
11:13:20 PM
hey guys i had 2 tattoos done last year 1 on my left forearm sayin tupac
had that done to show respect to my idol tupac shakur and 1 on my right arm tribal design. jus wanted to say u guys did a fantastic job and i cant wait to get the right arm and left arm done same design on the 22/02/2009 tomorrow lol lukin 4ward to it c u then guys :-)
23 Jan 2009
11:14:17 AM
Hi Primitive!

I got my first tattoo done with Tim yesterday and I am very, very pleased with how it turned-out. http://img185.imageshack.us/img185/7571/dscn0633ux3.jpg

You guys came highly-recommended by my friends and they were absolutely right in doing so. If I ever get another tattoo, I'll be heading your way again.


16 Dec 2008
8:51:49 AM
Hi everyone... I first met Marc as I was doing the rounds looking for a tattooist that could do a cover up piece on my back. I spoke to several 'professionals' in Perth & they simply said it couldnt be done. When I spoke to Marc however he had some great suggestions & designs from Borneo & also asked if I wanted to have the work done the traditional way, by hand. I opted for this, knowing it looks different, somehow more tribal/natural. I also thought a design from Borneo should be done 'their way' by hand. My tattoo is now nearly finished & Im absolutely stoked with it! I get complemented on it constantly. I have to say that the whole team at Primitive are consumate professionals in every way. Its a comfortable, relaxing environment & theyre happy to answer any questions I have. If youre thinking of having any ink work done, do yourself a favour & talk to these guys first. Youll be happy you did. Id gladly recommend them without hesitation.

Sean Connolly
09 Dec 2008
5:23:11 PM
OCD perfect pink floyd tat girl here :)
Thankyou so much for my non-perfect PERFECT tattoo!
Love it - awesome job
Coming in soon with my other half so he can get a tat too!
23 Oct 2008
8:57:12 AM
hey , just wanted to thank you guy's for my new piercing, my boyfriend loves it and so do i, i was so nervous about getting it done, but you guy's were amazing cheers again
09 Aug 2008
10:27:07 PM

04 Jul 2008
4:23:38 PM
Hello to everybody at Primitive. Just want to say thanks for ye're work, Rei did a great Job... I'll be bringing my new piercing back home to Ireland with me! Cheers lads.
27 Jun 2008
7:35:01 PM
I am hearing such amazing things about your studio, I hope when I am visiting Perth next week I can experience having some work done at your studio to bring home to Tassie with me. Congratulations on a wonderful website, I look forward to visiting next week. Until then take care xx
17 Jun 2008
5:33:07 AM
hey crew,hope you are well,been some time since i have been west,livin it up tropical nth qld.pierced by fi(conch)bout 4??years ago and she was a star,healed and worn well,cheers to your shops attitude and ability,looking to go walkabout next year,borneo,phillipines area so may send you an email marc and pick your brain,peace and love,marcus,bushdoctor19@hotmail.com
06 Jun 2008
9:01:17 PM
Hey to all at primitive art!!!

It has been so long since I had my tattoo done at primitive art. And I would just love to thank Ree for the AMAZING job that she did of the fairy on my right leg. So whenever someone coplements me on her and ask were I got it done I always tell them that Ree did it and point them in the direction of your store. Thanks again for putting up with me when I was a bit teary towards the end and I hope to be there soon with my new tattoo
Thanks Jess
01 Jun 2008
9:40:54 PM
Hey all at primitive,

Came in on Saturday 31st May to get my other eyebrow pierced and once again Rei did an awesome job.

Thanks again !

15 May 2008
11:57:01 PM
nice work guys very impressed with all the work love it ALL.
27 Apr 2008
1:08:07 AM
Just thought I'd drop by and check out your site. I got a flame arm band brand about 7 years ago from you and I'm still getting comments and looks of amazement from people. It still looks awesome!
14 Apr 2008
10:45:01 AM
hey guys just found your page. didn't know bout ya's till now. can't wait till i book my appointment to get my branding
13 Apr 2008
11:28:47 PM
Can't wait to get back to town and head in to get the rest of my sleeve finished by Mike, top bloke and an outstanding artist....cheers mate

05 Mar 2008
5:04:50 PM
Hey Marc
made it back to New Zealand and everyone who has seen the tattoo you did for me thinks it is awesome. Even people who say they don't like tattoos have agreed it looks awesome.
Thanks once again for the awesome job you did.
24 Jan 2008
7:50:40 AM
Hey Anna , just wanna say thanks again on a job well done ,cant wait for it to heal and ill send in a pic for sure !.. Another piece is definitely on the way in the near future... Will definitely recommend you and the crew to my frens

take care and keep doing the killer work you do ..

much love Leon.A.K
05 Dec 2007
6:01:37 PM
hey guys just want to thank troy for my new tattoo! love it. couldnt have asked for anything better. ill hopefully be back soon.
18 Aug 2007
9:44:12 AM
Hello Mike
just wanted to say thanks for the killer tattoo all the guys out here loved it , its healing up nicely and I hope to come back for some more and am not sure why I didnt ask for 2 or 3 more small little flys around the big one . o-well something for when I go back .
If its all good Im going to add you guys on my link page . hope to see ya in the future for some more work
05 Aug 2007
6:34:30 AM
hi guys i got my brand 4 years ago and still looks awesome...im in Puerto rico and people just love it...thanx again
22 Jun 2007
9:40:34 AM
hi guys, love the site. not sure if you remember me but i remember all you wonderful people. i visited perth for a few wks with damien. i'm on the east coast of canada enjoying the vibes.

i hope the gallery that was just being finished when i was there is doing well.

loads of love&respect

13 Jun 2007
11:36:05 AM
G'day everyone, Me and my brother got a tatt at Primitive together the tribal way and absolutly loved it!!!! We'll be coming back for more... Cheers
14 Mar 2007
11:38:48 PM
Hi Marc.
Just wanted to say thanks very much for the superb tattoo that you did for me on the last day of my holiday last November. It looks absolutely amazing and I can't wait to have further work done when we make it down under for good! The wife's so impressed, she wants one too.
All the best to you and the guys in the shop & I hope you're all keeping well.
Regards from the UK,
21 Dec 2006
9:23:07 PM
Daniel! nice work on the nape today, looks awesome and feels good. And thanks for the pics

Great establishment guys, see ya again real soon.

20 Nov 2006
11:30:36 PM
hey guys, ur shop is awsome and ur rep is amazing, i currently started training to pierce in a small tattoo shop but am not getting a certificate or anything out of it. the opportunity came up so i took it due to my passion for body art. i absolutely love piercing but want to expand my opportunities for the future, how do i go about getting a certificate because having just experience wont help me in the future. im a tad stuck on where to go. please help on some advice for its an excentric industry id love to be a real part of. x x
kate f
14 Nov 2006
10:54:50 AM
Thanks Fi, you are a legend - superior service and amazing experience! I'm so please with my vertical hood, I love it! I've recommended you to all my friends. It healed really quickly and it looks and feels great!

Thanks again!

(English girl working in fashion with Paul O'C, pierced 19th Aug 06)
02 Aug 2006
9:01:37 PM
Hey guys. Just a quick note to say G'day and will see you tomorrow for my missus work. am sure you will live up to the excellent reputation that you are known for!
02 Aug 2006
1:28:51 PM
Marc.. great work bro. The chaklag is becoming more alive each day.

Here is what Elle thought: "Tell MARC he is a GREAT artist man it is BAD ASS=) great job... I am impress with marc man... all his work i saw on his website superb... "

When it is fully healed I'll get it photographed and send them to you. Again thanks and please give my love to the Primitive family.

Much Love

Shane Molomolo
21 Jul 2006
10:31:32 PM
Hand Tattoo Work looks amazing, Hope to speak to you once im back in Perth (August)
Peace - DaveFrayne
14 Jul 2006
10:48:01 PM
Hey boys and girl.

Congrats on the write up in xpress your studio is truley awesome.
11 Jun 2006
10:10:00 PM
cheers..best double nipples! won't go ne were else. never had a problem and best customer service ever, cheers fi, the ring looks great
08 May 2006
12:48:05 PM
hello :) primitive love your work guys!! ive had piercings done by you guys and always felt you guys were very professional and friendly :) ive just recently moved to melbounre and looking into getting a tattoo, does anyone know of any good parlors?? much appreciated if anyone can help .. thanku - tata mx
28 Apr 2006
12:52:44 PM
I got my conch done yesterday. and f@#* is daniel good. Much Love. Best Piercer Ive been to so far :) thanks. and yes. It hurts like a bitch.
20 Apr 2006
7:04:45 PM
i'll go with the obliqtory hey as my greeting to all the potential piercee's
/tatooee' out there! hope your all good! i was in primitive a couple of weeks ago for a very professional and expert piercing by Fe! i went for the prince albert, surprised as i was, it was'nt the most painful piercing i've ever had!! tongue was far worse, that probly has somthing to do with the piercer! even though i thought i'd been shot in the morning it soon cleaned up well! i suppose you could say i'm quite proud of my new piercing, it gives me somthing a little more interesting to look at when i'm taking a leak if nothing else, at the moment anyway. i cant wait too show my mum i'm sure she'll be as proud as i'am!! she might even want one herself??? just joking, mums dont have willys! well mine does'nt, i think!! enough waffle! thanks fe for the piercing, be back soon for an other somthing else. paul.
michael d j
20 Mar 2006
4:01:05 PM
Would highly recommend Marc's work to anyone looking for a 'real' tattoo. Through a traditional natural process he is able to produce intricate detail, shading and bold colours- the end result: an authentic, organic look with deep meaning. Had one arm done and going back for another. Check out some of the mad borneo designs- will not get this look anywhere else, (except maybe the jungles of Borneo.)
03 Feb 2006
10:35:50 PM
Hey everyone, Would just like to thank-you for my boyfriends amazing tattoo, tribal skull on his upper arm. It's healed so fast and hes had no problem what so ever with it. You will also be recieving a visit from a cousin of mine too very soon, I will definatley give you a visit next time i come to Australia and this time try not to be sunburnt.
Thanks and all the best for the year Louise and Elliott xx
(The English ones)
29 Jan 2006
10:52:31 PM
hey guys, jus wana say ur awesome. i got my piercing there n i love it. haven't had any problems so good work!!! =P gotta come back and check out your belly bar range...got any wikid different ones?? catchya guys
27 Jan 2006
11:36:44 PM
We have just updated our website and have included a new guest book.
We would appreciate any guest book entry.
Thank You...Marc