With Chief Dau of Longhouse Entalau Skrang River, Borneo.
With Chief Bau of Lalang Longhouse , Skrang River , Borneo and Tony.
Hori-Hiro and friends.
With Link and Oreal.
With Marco Bratt of Marco Bratt Tattoo, Nordjiwk, Holland
With crew of Johnny 2 Thumbs, Singapore.
Crew Members - Tony, Mike & Steve Cross aka Mr Volts & Me.
The group of traditional hand tattoo artists, including Freewind,Rinus, Renee, Hori Hiro, Eddie Umpie, Mo'o and I with rest of crew.
At Marco Bratt's Studio in Holland with Nancy, Simon Umpie,Travelling Mick and fellow Aussies.
With Alex Nardini and crew, Italy.
With Tuani, from New Zealand.
WIth Andreas , Sparta Tattoo, Holland.
With Tom of 777 Tattoo, Holland
With Legendary Tattoo Artist Herbert Hoffman.
An Iban Tattoo Tool presented to Herbert Hoffman from Marc Pinto.
The crew Hori Hiro, Japan and Marc Pinto, West Australia.
With Hori Hiro and Mark of Hori Hiro's Kingpin Tattoo Studio,Austria.
With Seito and Wife of Yugen Tattoo Holland.
Pili Mo'o & Potama at the Middleburg Convention.
Terengitu Netana (NZ). He tattooed Robbie Williams Moko.
AT Fakir Musafar's for dinner Nov 1999.
With Freewind in Borneo 2002.
With Gabby - ACID ART,Argentina.
With Hori Hiro, Japan.
Presenting Hori Hiro with a set of Teburi Tools at the Borneo Convention, 2002.
With Ian, Idexa and Ken from Fakir Intensives , San Francisco 1999.
With Iban Elders.
With Iban Elders.
With the Minister of Sarawak, a Bidayuh and Chak Tat of Johnny 2 Thumbs , Singapore.
WIth Lyle Tuttle of
With Manuela of South Africa.
With Marco Bratt,Koos,Lyle Tuttle,Tony and Colin Arahi.
With Mark & Colin from New Zealand.
Fakir Musafar's Nov-Advance class 1999
WIth Pip & Renee
The group at Fakir Musafar's Cheek Spear Ritual Nov-99
With River, Tony, Darren on Barrack. Promo
With Tony, Rinus, Koos in Borneo 2002
With Travellin Mick at Entalau Longhouse, Skrang River, Borneo 2002.
With The Minister in charge of Lobok Antu District, Entalai and crew, at Skrang River Hike into Pinchok Longhouse May 2003.
WIth Travelling Mick at Pinchok Longhouse , Skrang River, Borneo 2003
At Pinchok Longhouse with Travelling Mick , the Chief and his brother.
With an Iban Elder of Entalau Longhouse.
With Anggat , A headhunter of 2 trophy heads , Entalau Longhouse, Skrang River Borneo 2003.
With Johnathan and Greg at Fakir's 1999.
Tony, Koos and Marc Pinto
Lukas Zpira and me 2007
Mayliss Tattooing me at 12 years old #21st tattoo. A young upcoming star tattooer
Primitive crew, steeve Cross,Mike Bok, Lukas Zpira and Mayliss.
Steve Cross, Mike Bok and Me.
Primitive Crew with Lukas and Steve Cross
Hachi - Hori Hiro's Tattoo Studio and I