BackVisit to Entalau 2002
The Group of 40 artists that visited Entalau.
Rinus , Marco and Mark on longboat on Skrang River.
Tony getting drunk on the way to the longhouse.
Traveling Mick
Arahi tattooing Chief Dau at Entalau with MOKO.
Marko Bratt, Eddie and Lionel traditional hand tattooing Yves ,the "Ukir Rekong" throat tattoo.
Joe Carou tattooing a Chief from a longhouse upriver.
Paul Talor tattooing an Iban elder of Entalau Longhouse.
Marco Bratt tattooing Yves "Ukir Rekong".
Rinus tattooing Chief Dau, a Hula Girl on the forearm.
Marc Pinto Hand Tattooing in Entalau.
Tapping away.
Marc and Simon's work, finished.
Penghulu Legan making traditional Iban tattooing tool.
Chief Dau and Family kindly took us into his home during our visit. John Durante and crew,Dale Rio, Myself and Tony, Patti and partner.
Chief Dau and Marc.
Chief Dau .. Side profile tattoos.
Chief Dau... Front
Chief Dau... Other side profile
Chief Dau ... Side
Chief Dau.... Legs
Chief Dau ... Back of legs
Chief Dau .... Front & Arms.
Chief Dau... Back.
Chief Dau.....Back and legs.
An Iban Traditional tattoo artist.
Iban tattoo artist back tattoos.
Iban Tattoo Artist ....Legs.
Jintan, an Iban Elder from Emparan Longhouse,Skrang River.
Jintan.. Potrait of an Iban
Jintan... Back
Jintan..making a tattoo tool.
Jintan...making a tattoo tool..
Traveling Mick's Adoption Ceremony into the Family of Penghulu Legan of Skrang River, Borneo.
Penghulu Legan presenting his adopted son , Traveling Mick with a hand woven pua.
A branding I did on an Iban from Lalang Longhouse in Skrang River in 1999.
Myself and tony revisiting Chief Bau of Lalang longhouse an old friend.